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Remove Unwanted Part from Sound Files

For people who download music from internet, record songs broadcasted by web radio or purchase music CD, it may be a problem to trim these collections to use as ringtone in cellphones; for people who love online karaoke & have done a lot of vocal recording to make an album for themselves, it's hard to remove the wind noise and breath created when they sing to mic; and also, for reporters that record interviews with digital recording pens, to delete unnecessary parts from a long file could be really time consuming. FreeTrim MP3 is just the right tool to help solve difficulties like these. Just input the original audio file and let our free MP3 trimmer get rid of any unwanted part.

Save Money as Free Audio Editor/Audio Converter/Audio CD Ripper

Why pay money for something you don't have to? Maybe you have got some free music and want to enjoy them in your MP3 player & mobile phone, or upload them to your blog and share with friends - these simple tricks should be costless. Stop wasting your money on audio editors of poor quality & try our FreeTrim MP3: free trimming, free editing, free conversion, free CD ripping... 0$! Download & install our FreeTrim MP3 to your system and launch the program.

Easy Operation Enables Anyone to Use without Hassle

Operation complexity is the main problem that scares users from the start. For many people, using an MP3 trimmer could be very confusing due to complicated parameters and graphics - that's why we made everything in FreeTrim MP3 visual. Launch our FreeTrim MP3 and you can see a clear-cut interface with ease of use in mind. The input audio file will be displayed in waveform. All changes being made to the imported music can be seen & you can listen to them. Now you can have the easy Input-Trim-Output operation experience.

Awesome Audio Creation for Various Usages

Want to make your music sound incredible? You don't need another tool! FreeTrim MP3 comes with several must-have audio effects to boost soundtrack clarity and performance, making any music geek-giddy. You can easily find what you need on the interface - some buttons that require nothing but clicking to apply the effects. To make a wakeup ringtone, you can use Fade In & Fade Out; to strengthen a given electrical signal or raise its level, you may find Amplify useful; to adjust the overall level of the audio file, try Normalize; it even allows you to mix other audio files in different formats with the loaded one - that's necessary to make an hours-long track for a mix music CD.