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FreeTrim MP3

FreeTrim MP3
Trim any MP3 file with fantastic ease!

Is there a hidden track that makes your player go through a few minutes of silence? FreeTrim MP3 is a great help for this as it helps remove the unwanted parts of your audio files. It is a free MP3 trimmer that trims MP3/WMA/WAV/OGG sound piece from big audio format files directly.

With this free MP3 trimmer, you can select your trim in-point and out-point and save it as a new audio file with the same audio quality as the original. You may also add a smooth fade-in & fade-out and some other cool effects to your new file. With the zoomable waveform, you can visually select the desired part and edit your audio files. You can drag-and-drop audio files simply and pre-listen the songs with a built-in player. It is easy to use and you don't need to be experienced in audio trimming.




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Features at a glance

  • Trim MP3 and other audio files to delete the unwanted part
  • Cut large MP3 files into smaller parts by setting the start & end frames
  • Convert audio files to MP3, WMA, WAV & OGG
  • Directly load audio CD to input the audio track and rip it as an audio CD ripper
  • Fade-in/out, echo and some other audio effects are provided
  • Well-configured presets to adjust the quality for every output format
  • Select audio segment precisely to the millisecond
  • Process with unmatchable speed - multi-core processor supported
  • Operate easily with the snappy interface

Quick start

FreeTrim MP3 comes with several user guide manual. They will help users to learn the program and its functionalities with ease.



FreeTrim MP3 v4.7.1 available.

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Program comparison

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Thanks for providing such a wonderful program which I've been searching for a long time. I would say that since a couple of days I am evaluating your product and it is really convincing: zoomable waveform, unlimited undo & redo, smooth fade-in & fade-out, audio mixing and so on. All of them enable me to express my best appreciation for you to have created it!

Walter Gladstone

Love the fact that I can make unlimited ringtones with such ease. Super easy to make ringtones. Many other features are included for free. This useful application also allows me to edit MP3 music by cutting, copying, pasting, etc. to fit on my portable device. Unexpectedly it is completely FREE!

Felix St. Leger